Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Can't seem to get started...

So I have been itching to start baking aging...I go in spurts, but can't quite seem to get there.  I HAVE to make sandwich bread tomorrow, because we are running dangerously low.  My grandparents are here this week and we have been organizing and cleaning, therefore haven't found a lot of time to cook or bake!  I am still thinking about starting some 'no knead' bread tonight, but would need to grind some wheat into flour...and that sounds like more work than I am in the mood for at this hour. 

Grandma is sitting near with her cup of Throat Coat tea, and mine is cooling on the table in the kitchen...we both have been fighting sore throats this week.  Anyway...I hope to have a bread post soon, even if it is my regular old sandwich bread. (which I really am in love with because I can finally make it 100% WHOLE WHEAT without it being dense and dry.)  So stay tuned and we'll see what happens.


  1. Nice! So what's the recipe for this bread you are in love with?? :)