Monday, February 21, 2011

Auntie Chelsea's Pretzles!

So my friend Jill and I were at the mall yesterday killing some time and we found ourselves hungry.  It was like 3pm and I didn't want to totally kill supper, so I stopped by Auntie Anne's Pretzel's and picked up a little bunch of their pretzel sticks.  I got to thinking...I can make these, so when I got home I google Auntie Anne's pretzel recipe and came up with THIS RECIPE.

I have not actually tried the pretzels yet, and I didn't have the big kosher salt to sprinkle on top, but I did brush with butter and salt with regular salt!  I will update on the taste in a little bit!!

...Ok, I'm back with an update!  The pretzels were FANTASTIC and I will be making again.  I think I baked them a little too long because they were more tough on the outside than i would have liked, but the flavor was GREAT!!

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  1. Last week I made pretzels for the first time. I used the recipe on the fresh loaf. They were easy and amazing!